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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about our Service? Check here first!
Our FAQ page is to answer questions commonly asked about our business and services. As allways, if you have a concern or questions you can allways call our office @
(503)-452-0734 and talk to us directly.
Q What should I do if something is broken by a housekeeper?
A Everyone on our team trys to be very careful and we are very sorry when we break an item in a home. This is very rare, however, should this happen, please call the office and we will be happy to resolve the matter to your satisfaction. Accidents do occur occasionally. Our insurance carriers will handle any major losses, while we usually handle minor mishaps directly. The most tragic possible loss is breaking something of great sentimental, but low monetary value. Please be safe, rather than sorry, with such items and please store them away on your cleaning day, or instruct us of items to bypass while dusting or cleaning so that no damages will occur. Click here for more information.

Q Who is coming to my house or business to clean?
A Bonded and insured employees of Superior Housekeeping Service, Inc. They have had a complete background check and have completed training programs about cleaning. The owner will provide OTJ training and oversee all homes. In most cases the Owner (Stella) Will be the one coming to the home to clean. In time she may have had trained one of her teams to clean your house or business.

Q Does your Company carry Insurance?
A Superior Housekeeping Service, Inc. is a licensed, bonded and Insured Company. We carry a business license with the City of Tualatin, a dishonesty bond with a major carrier, and Business Liability Insurance. We also have a Worker's compensation policy in case employees are hurt on the job. Most "under the table" persons or companies who are small or not incorporated do not carry these protections. With these people you could risk being sued if the worker was hurt or have nowhere to go when a serious claim occurred. You have peace of mind that we take care of these issues for you. Please ask to see any of these documents at any time.

Q Does the customers or your company provide the cleaning tools and supplies.
A Some of our customers have alergic reactions to some cleaning products, others like particular products with particular smells. Some have expensive tiles or marble and have products in the home they prefer. In any case we ask the customers to provide all major product they would like for us to us in their home. We do carry a wide range of products onboard the company van just in case. We also provide our own commerical vacuums but if you prefer, we will gladly use yours. In the end you are not overcharged fees from Superior Housekeeping for products and chemicals.

Q Do I have any tax liablity?
A Superior Housekeeping Service, Inc. handles any and all tax issues that our associated with the service. As a Oregon Company we follow the payroll guidelines of the state. We handle payroll taxes weekly to the state and federal agencies on all reported income. You have NO tax libility.

Q Can I expect the same team to come during my cleaning?
A In most cases we try hard to send the same staff or team. They know you and your home and what your service needs are. Last minute illness or turnover may consitute that we substitute a member of the staff. One of our other staff members who receive our quality training and background checks may be called in to help our teams out.